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We have already raised the money to purchase the land behind the Youth Centre and have erected a temporary building so that the facility can be used. We now need the finance to construct the new building. The appeal has grown steadily since the land was aquired, but a further major fund raising drive is required to enable building work to start.

To support this major project we are seeking donations of money and time from individuals and organisations within the local community. In particular we are looking for those who have a particular skill that they are prepared to offer to reduce our overall costs. Anyone who can help with building, plumbing, electrical installations etc or who is able to procure materials or services at advantageous rates would be a major asset to the project. If you can help, please contact us.

The current estimate for the building cost is about 300,000 although this may come down if goods and or services are donated or given at reduced rates. However, we cannot rely on this and accordingly we are aiming to raise the full amount. As well as the local community we will be approaching businesses, and charitable trusts/foundations and the local counsel for funds. If you know of any person or organisation who might be able to assist, please contact us.

1st and 3rd Bookham Scout Groups - Registered Charity No 305772