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19th September 2009


The Scouting Centre was officially opened by Peter Duncan today. After the opening, the centre remained open so that all members of the community could come and view the new facilities. Photographs of the opening can be viewed by clicking here.

20th April 2009


Section meetings are now taking place in the building. Thank you very much to everyone who has helped with the fund raising and/or the building work. Thank you also to Leofric Buildings Ltd, who supplied the basic building and to Bisley Property Company who have turned the basic shell into a smart new headquarters. There remains a small amount of work to do, but this will be completed over the next few weeks. An official opening is planned for mid September, by which time the new grass should have taken hold.

31st March 2009

We have been awarded another generous grant of 5,000 from the Henry Smith Charity, bringing the total from this source to 10,000.

30th March 2009

The floor covering was finished today. There only remains a number of tests and certificates to obtain on the electrical installation and the building will be ready for use.

28th March 2009

The Quiz Night was a great success and raised 959. Thank you very much to the organisers.

28th March 2009

The pavilion was demolished today with the aid of a large excavator fitted with a mechanical jaw which made short work of timber structure - see progress photographs.

28th February 2009

Rohallion Security, a local company, have supplied and fitted an alarm system to protect the building and the stores. This has kindly been provided totally free of change. Thank you very much Rohallion.

22nd February 2009

We have been awarded a grant of 3,000 from the Kaye Family Fund, administered by the Surrey Community Foundation.

13th February 2009

The building work is very nearly complete. However, there is currently a hitch with the floor because the concete floor slab is retaining too much moisture to enable the floor to be laid. Various options for dealing with this are being considered and this should be resolved shortly.

7th December 2008

Construction of the new building is now proceeding apace. Parents have helped over two weekends to decorate the walls and woodwork. The electrics and heating are almost finished. The toilets and kitchen should be installed during the next week, followed by the flooring. The external hard landscaping should be completed over the next week.

22nd November 2008

Our Casino evening, hosted by Leatherhead Round Table, raised 1,370.

13th September 2008

We have received a grant of 5,000 from the Garfield Weston Foundation.

4th August 2008

The groundworks have been completed sufficiently for the construction of the building to start. Leofric Building Systems started work today delivering the components of the pre-fabricated building (see progress photos). A steel frame will be put up first, on the concrete base that has already been constructed. This will be followed by the concrete walls (which we are later cladding in timber) and the roof. Leofric are also fitting the windows, most of the doors and are insulating and lining the building. If all goes to plan, Bisley will then return in about 3 to 4 weeks time to complete the internal fitting out work.

16th June 2008

The building work started today! Bisley Property Co are setting up the site and their groundworks sub-contractor, S R Newman has started the groundworks.

12th June 2008

Great news! We have been awarded a grant of 20,000 by the Thomas Flack Trust Fund.

22nd May 2008

Mole Valley District Council have granted Building Regulations approval for the new building.

26th April 2008

We have decided to engage Bisley Property Company Ltd as the main building contractor. Bisley have previously completed work in Bookham on the Grange Centre. Bisley's tender has been accepted and we are currently agreeing a start date for the work. This will be essentially in three phases. First, the groundworks, including the new foundation and concrete ground slab. Second, the building itself (which will be put up by its supplier, Leofric Building Systems Ltd), and finally the fitting out which will be completed by Bisley.

25th April 2008

Racking has been installed in one of the stores. (see progress photos).

19th April 2008

A working party of parents, leaders and other helpers has installed a plywood lining in both of the new store buildings. (see progress photos). Travis Perkins, Leatherhead, kindly supplied the materials at a discounted rate. Thanks are due to Dougie who orgainised the work and provided most of the tools and expertise.

8th April 2008

The second precast concrete store buildings has now been put up (see progress photos).

1st April 2008

The first of the precast concrete store buildings was delivered to the site on 31st March and was erected on 1st April 2008 (see progress photos).

31st March 2008

Tenders for the building work were returned on Monday, 31st March and need to be assessed before deciding who to employ to build the new centre.

15th March 2008

Peter Duncan, the Chief Scout visited the Scouting Centre site on Saturday, 15th March 2008 to perform a "turf cutting" ceremony. Peter arrived at 10am to be greeted by a large contingent of Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorer Scouts as well as assorted parents and other well wishers. For more details and pictures, click here.

8th March 2008

Tenders for the building work have been invited from two firms of building contractors, both of whom have previously worked locally.

16th February 2008

Construction of the foundations for the new stores buildings has started (see progress photos). The store buildings will be precast concrete garages with a brick effect finish. The garages have been ordered and should be on site within the next three to four weeks.

2nd February 2008

A "thermometer" has been installed at the old scout hut site to show the fundraising status

26th January 2008

The soil testing has indicated that the ground has the potential to shrink and swell with changes in moisture content caused by the action of tree roots. As we will be removing several trees close to the proposed location of the new building, there is a risk that the ground will swell and affect the foundations. With the assistance of a local builder, we are taking some further soil samples for testing. At the same time we

have dug two pits for soakaway tests (soakaways are the preferred means of disposing of rainwater to avoid increasing the risk of flooding).

23rd January 2008

A Building Regulations application has been sent to Mole Valley Buiding Control Department in respect of the external stores buildings. Although these are only formed from precast concrete garages, their size is such that they require approval. We are seeking prices from several builders for the construction of these foundations.

7th January 2008

The sale of the old site has gone through. 35% of the proceeds is now in the appeal fund, boosting it by 144,000. We now have nearly 250,000, more than 80% of the target amount. Work on the design of the new building will now proceed as quickly as possible.

20th December 2007

Signs of activity on site! We are sinking several boreholes to test the soil. As the site is on London Clay it is potentially susceptible to movement due to the action of tree roots. A knowledge of the properties of the clay will allow us to design suitable foundations.

22nd November 2007

Contracts have been exchanged on the sale of the existing site; completion is due for 7th January 2008. The design of the building is entering its final phase with construction due to start as soon as a suitable contractor has been identified and the remaining funding has been secured.

30th August 2007

Planning permission for the new scheme has been granted by Mole Valley District Council

16th July 2007

A new planning application has been submitted to Mole Valley District Council for the revised scheme. The number of the application is MO/2007/1159 and details can be seen by clicking on the following link:- Go to Mole Valley Planning website

7th July 2007

Bookham Scouting Centre can now be seen on Google Earth - click on the image below, this will take you to Google 3d warehouse, then click on the button to load the Scouting Centre into Google Earth (you will need to have Google Earth installed on your computer).

June 2007

Final appeal launched to raise the last 43,000 required to enable us to build the new building.

23rd May 2007

An offer has been accepted by our landlord for the sale of the exisitng site. In return for surrendering the remaining term of our lease, we will be receiving 35% of the net proceeds.

23rd March 2007

The existing site was put onto the market though Patrick Gardner.

24th December 2006

We have been awarded a grant of 24,000 by Mole Valley District Council.

November 2006

Meeting held to discuss the proposed sale of the existing site by our landlord. In return for surrendering our lease early, it has been agreed we will receive 35% of the net proceeds of the sale. This will provide a valuable boost to funds and will help make the new Scouting Centre a reality.

March 2006

Appeal fund has reached nearly 60,000.

14th July 2003

Full Planning Permission granted by Mole Valley District Council.

1st April 2003

Application for full planning permission submitted to Mole Valley District Council.

3rd February 2003

Following the launch of the appeal and the distribution of the leaflets throughout the village we have been very encouraged by the generous donations and offers of help we have received. By December the fund stood at 32,000 - just over 10% towards our target of 300,000.

We are constantly looking for new ideas, companies or trusts to approach, which would be willing to assist to make the project a reality. The Appeals Committee is now busy making applications to a number of organisations. We also have other fund-raising ideas for 2003 so if anyone knows a celebrity who would do a "one person show" in aid of the appeal please contact the undersigned.

The foreign currency collecting tins at the Post Office is still available so please remember to re-cycle those unwanted notes and coins. We can continue to exchange all those old European currencies; France, Germany, Spain, Greece, Belgium, Holland, Austria etc as well as other currencies from across the world, to cash.

1st and 3rd Bookham Scout Groups - Registered Charity No 305772